Shockingly Good Orgasms

Shockingly Good Orgasms

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With the arrival of the new MyStim products at Jo Divine, these gorgeously designed vibrators can greatly enhance your sexual pleasure and produce shockingly good orgasms through waves of vibrations and tingling electrical impulses.

First discovered by Italian physician, physicist and philosopher Luigi Galvani (1791), electro stimulation has been used for many years to exercise muscles for a variety of reasons, including the pelvic floor muscles.

Your brain sends electrical signals to your muscles through nerve fibres, effectively the electrical cables connecting the brain to muscles. The electrical impulse causes the end of the nerve where it meets the muscle to release a chemical (a neurotransmitter). This chemical then produces a reaction within the muscle, making the fibres of the muscles shorten, contract and produce the movement we want it to do, from walking and lifting your arm to winking and contracting your pelvic floor muscles.

Muscles in a healthy person will have thousands of nerve endings repeatedly firing electrical impulses off to the muscles when they need to be used. A well-used muscle will appear toned and work effectively.

Over time, any muscle that is not used frequently loses its tone, becoming flatter and thinner. Pelvic floor muscles become weakened through childbirth, following surgery, hormonal changes and the ageing process, making them thinner, flatter and hard to activate, especially if they haven’t been used for a long period of time.

Many women experience problems caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles such as urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse and weaker or fewer orgasms.

The pelvic floor muscles can be exercised by passing artificial electrical stimulation through the muscles. A combination of learning how to exercise your pelvic floor muscles and electrical stimulation can improve urinary incontinence and strength of orgasms. This form of treatment is often carried out by women’s health physiotherapists within a clinic setting.

To keep your pelvic floor muscles toned and improve your sexual pleasure, the MyStim range offers electrical excitement by combining a standard vibrator with electro-stimulation for a great pelvic floor workout and fabulously intense orgasms.

Unlike other electro-stimulation products, these do not need an external control unit as everything is hidden away inside the well-designed, ergonomically shaped unit. Delivering both a range of vibrating patterns and electrical stimulation all the way along the shaft, MyStim offers waves of sexual pleasure and tingling tantalisation to please anyone.

Being able to control the vibrations and e-stim separately means you can engage in dual play or enjoy the different pleasures each type of stimulation offers.

Having built in rechargeable batteries which work at full power for three hours, you can have lots of extended play – if you can last that long!

As well as being a fantastically innovative product, the Mystim toys come in a range of designs such as Electric Eric, Tickling Truman and Sizzling Simon, each stylishly packaged in a beautiful carry case.

So, get those sexual juices flowing and try a MyStim toy to take your sexual pleasure to newer levels and tone those pelvic floor muscles too!