Sensory Deprived Sex

Sensory Deprived Sex

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When people think about sex toys they generally consider vibrators as the main focus, but blindfolds can increase your sexual pleasure enormously, especially for women.

The reason for this is the differences between female and male erotic arousal. Of the five senses, sight is the sense that turns a majority of men on, whereas women enjoy the sense of touch. Men become aroused by the sight of something erotic or sexually pleasing such as sexy lingerie or images. Women get aroused by what they feel such as cuddling, massage and silky underwear.

When women are visually deprived, they focus more intensely on the loving touch of their partner and become more aroused, which in turn, will arouse their partner.

Trying something new and adventurous can enhance your sex life. Using a blindfold can feel exciting, increasing the production of dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter which helps us to feel pleasure. Many couples have sex with their eyes closed but there is a huge emotional difference between voluntarily shutting one’s eyes and being blindfolded.

Being blindfolded can feel kinky too. Blindfolds go hand in hand with bondage, discipline and sadomasochism used in domination and submission play but surveys suggest that only 1-2% of people are deeply into this type of sexual play. However, many couples enjoy the light playful kinkiness of blindfolds.

Expand your erotic horizons

Blindfolds are a safe, non-threatening way to expand your erotic horizons. They are easily portable and small enough to pack in your luggage when travelling, allowing you to spice up your travel plans without raising eyebrows at customs. There are many beautifully made blindfolds available but a man’s tie or sleep masks work just as well.

Heighten your sense of touch

The sense of touch is heightened by sight deprivation so try combining blindfold play with slow sensual all over body massage Touch your partner with a feather-like caress or use a feather, silk scarf or tickler. Tracing an ice cube or drizzling champagne over your partner’s stomach, penis or clitoris will make them shudder with surprise and desire. Not knowing what is coming next increases sexual arousal. You can whisper in their ear what you are going to do but not when. This will make them ache with anticipation of what you might or might not do.

Allowing your partner to use a sex toy on you can be highly arousing too, especially when they are in control of your sexual pleasure!

Stimulate all your senses

Blindfolded sex increases all the senses, such as hearing, smell and taste Feed your partner with tiny morsels of chocolate, honey from your fingers or dribble champagne into their mouths. Drip hot wax from a scented massage candle on to their body and massage it all over them, releasing the sensual aroma or just light scented candles in the room. Try candles scented with sandalwood, bergamot and musk to create a sensual boudoir environment.

Try a sex toy

Using a simple bullet vibrator on your partner’s penis or on their clitoris is fun, they will have no idea what to expect ,where or when!

If your partner has a penis, try slipping a vibrating constriction ring onto their penis, it will make their erection bigger, last longer and you can enjoy clitoral stimulation too.

Once you have tried blindfolds, you may wish to use ties and handcuffs too. The possibilities are endless.

Written By : Samantha Evans