Why we love Vanilla Sex

Why we love Vanilla Sex

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LELO, a designer sex toy manufacturer, recently published the results of their 2014 Global Sex Survey – revealing that more women than before have tried kinky sex acts.

However, the “Fifty Shades” phase may be waning as couples are looking to use intimate massagers and remote control sex toys worn before and during sexual intercourse to increase their sensual experience.

The LELO Global Sex Survey involved 12,000 participants and found that the “Fifty Shades” phenomenon has left us with more liberated views towards our sex lives.

Comparing results from 2012 and 2014, they found an increase in all the sexual activities they surveyed including the following:

2012 2014
10% 20% Have had a threesome
28% 52% Have made a private sex tape
36% 43% Have had sex with a stranger
27% 35% Have had sex in public

However, whilst more women have played out their fantasies in the last 2 years, a huge 80% of women agreed that their sexual fantasies did not live up to their expectations.

LELO sales figures also showed a levelling out of sales of novelty-based sex accessories such as whips and handcuffs. In comparison, sales of couples’ toys have increased by 82%: such as those worn during intercourse or remote control products like LELO Ida.

Using bondage can add some fun to your sex life, but for most women, feeling loved by their partner and confident to share their most intimate thoughts about what they need sexually is the biggest turn on.

75% of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm, which is why couples have overtaken single people as the largest number of sex toy owners.

Sex toys are a great way to spice up your sex life, increasing your sexual pleasure and making you aware of what sexual stimulation works for you: which can help your partner to satisfy you in the way you like rather than wondering if they are doing it right!

It seems that we prefer less kinky and more vanilla sex to achieve better sexual satisfaction. There are only so many times you can squeeze yourself into that fishnet body stocking without it ripping or be tied to the bedposts. If vanilla sex means getting cosy under the duvet with the one I love and maybe a powerful sex toy lying on my bedside table waiting for me to use at that all important moment, I’m a big fan.

Vanilla for me, please!