Hotel Sex

Hotel Sex

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Are you looking to reignite the passion in your relationship? Are you overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities and want to have a bit of fun? Hotel sex may be just what you need!

What is Hotel Sex?

Clearly, it includes having sex in a hotel or bed and breakfast but really any sex in a secluded place that provides plenty of privacy with little or no responsibilities or interruptions. Getting away for even one night can mean extensive planning, especially if you have children but it is well worth the effort! Your children may appreciate you more when they have been parted from you, even for just a few days.

Being away can allow women to relax in a way that may not be possible at home. Someone always needs your attention at home, be it a child, partner, telephone calls, emails or piles of laundry to wash and iron.

In a hotel, we’re not responsible for anything: we don’t have to hang up towels or even make the bed. Being relaxed and away from life’s responsibilities means we become relaxed and more amenable to the thought of having uninterrupted sex. Once we are relaxed, we tend to throw off some of our inhibitions and let go. In a hotel, no one knows us and no one is going to walk in at an awkward moment.

In a hotel you can try something new. Wear that sexy lingerie and those high heels you don’t normally wear at home, share a shower or bath, have sex in the shower or bath, dry your hair in peace or have a leisurely breakfast. You can have sex any time during the day or night and be as noisy as you like within reason! Anything you have been hesitant about trying at home, you can try first in your hotel room, such as a sex toy or lubricant, light bondage or role play.

By taking the time to plan a few nights away with your partner will show him that you value sex and the intimacy you have with him, that it is extremely important to you. He may be turned on by your initiative and enjoy the “other you” on display when you are away. By losing our inhibitions we can be honest with each other and actually say what we want, rather than what we think we ought to be doing or saying.

Sex is an important part of marriage and relationships. Some women think it is only the man who needs sex but we need it too. It is a large part of the glue that holds relationships together. Enjoying hotel sex once or twice a year isn’t the only thing that we need, but it can help to reignite your connection and refresh it, amidst the responsibilities life throws up at us.

Give it a try. Book a night or weekend away in the near future. Having two nights away is better because it gives you more time to relax. You don’t need to travel far, especially if you are leaving your children with friends or family and may need to get back quickly if there is a problem. You can have a complete weekend getaway or just a night in a hotel in a nearby town where no one knows who you are and you can be whoever you want to be!