Doxy Massager review

Doxy Massager review

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Having seen the “Ecstatic Recipes” videos of (clothed!) women using the Doxy massager whilst trying to read poetry and recipes, my imagination was piqued, and I wanted to try one.

When I unboxed the Doxy, I was surprised to see it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. The handle is quite long with easy to use push button controls. The electrical cable is three metres long, so offers plenty of reach when plugged into the wall.

The head of the Doxy feels really soft and quite squidgy to touch. Turning it on, the vibrations come on really strong but are controlled by + and – buttons, allowing you to turn them down really low.

The vibrations are like a rumbling on the lowest setting and feel really great against my neck, which is achy. I spent some time using it on my neck and back, as it is an outstanding body massager.

I left it plugged in and left it alone, as I didn’t have time to use it intimately with other people in the house.

Later that afternoon, I sneaked upstairs and, still fully clothed, I turned the Doxy on and pressed it against my crotch, through my jeans. I couldn’t sit down as my jeans were too tight to allow me to spread my legs, so standing up, I just held the Doxy against my groin. Initially, it felt pleasant but not too sexual, then suddenly my orgasm grew quickly, and I came in less than a minute!

WOW: my clitoris and thighs felt numb and tingly at the same time, but it was pleasurable too.

I have never had such a quick orgasm before – and certainly never used a vibrator powerful enough to give me an orgasm through my clothes! Even better, the tingly sensation stayed with me for about 10 minutes!

Just one way to get the party started!

Before a recent night out, my husband was massaging his back with the Doxy whilst we were getting dressed, so feeling a bit naughty, I walked over to him wearing just my knickers, bra, hold up stockings and very high heels and asked him to play the Doxy over my knickers, just for fun.

With a cheeky smile on his lips, he gently massaged the Doxy against my silky knickers. Not really expecting to have an orgasm, as we were already running late, I got carried away and began to enjoy the gorgeous strong vibrations coursing through the thin material. As he increased the speed-up slowly, I came to a shuddering climax quickly, it took slightly longer than the previous session mentioned above but not that much longer.

The Doxy is one powerful beast, and I have never had such a strong or quick orgasm. I can’t begin to imagine what it feels like directly against my clitoris, not sure if I’ll be able to cope!! I think I’ll probably have to use a towel to decrease the sensation.

This is a fantastic product for anyone, both male and female, who enjoys strong vibrations.

I can’t wait to use it on my partner, moving it slowly along the shaft of his penis, not sure if he’ll last very long either!

Designed, engineered and assembled in the UK, the Doxy Massager is the most powerful mains operated wand massager in the world.

Different from other wand massagers, the design of the head means the vibrations roll and rumble rather than buzz, creating a very intense sexual sensation.

Effective as an all-over body massager as it penetrates deep into the soft tissue of the body. Reaching up to 9,000 RPM, it is perfect for those who want a powerful toy. It also has variable speeds and pulse patterns, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of sexual sensations.

Doxy’s head is hypoallergenic medical grade material (phthalates and latex free).