OhMiBod Discover review

OhMiBod Discover review

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Having discovered the OhMiBod Lovelife range of sex toys, I fell in love with the pretty packaging straight away. Never mind the product inside, the boxes are so gorgeous!

Inside the box

However, I was about to try the petite OMB Discover vibrator, the smallest vibrator in their range. Opening the beautiful box the Discover was nestled inside with its own USB charging cable and satin travel pouch. Made from skin safe silicone, Discover is USB chargeable for long-lasting play. It’s such an adorable vibrator with silky smooth silicone and even a smiley face for the control button!

Easy to use one button control, it has + and – and a squiggle that looks like a little mouth to turn it on and off and cycle through the pulsation patterns. It felt very light and easy to hold too.

Playing with the controls, I found the lowest speed was actually quite intense and speeding it up using the + button, it offered powerful vibrations. It has 7 scalable vibration patterns and 6 intensity levels which I cycled through using the squiggle button.

Getting comfortable against the pillows, I slipped my knickers off and gently played with the toy against my clitoris. As someone who doesn’t require much clitoral stimulation, I didn’t speed up the Discover very much as the lower vibrations were strong enough for me.

I played with it inside my vagina but I’m used to larger products so it didn’t stimulate me deep enough due to its size but felt pleasurable. I can see Discover satisfying a woman who has smaller anatomy or who prefers smaller sex toys.

I slipped it out of my vagina and played it over my clitoris, enjoying the powerful vibrations coursing through my body. As a clitoral vibrator, it was very powerful in spite of its size and after massaging the end of the toy over my clitoris and vulval area, using a little YES organic lubricant, I enjoyed a very satisfying orgasm. The smooth silicone of the toy felt velvety soft against my clitoris, an important factor when choosing a sex toy.

The Verdict

As a clitoral vibrator, I was surprised at just how good it was, offering extremely powerful vibratory power for such a small vibrator.

As an internal sex toy, it wasn’t large enough for my needs which is what I expected, however, anyone seeking a first time product or wants a smaller sex toy, Discover is an ideal vibrator. Its design is simple and sleek, making it a great vibrator for beginners due to its unintimidating size and versatility.

The slim shape also makes it suitable for women with vaginismus or vaginal tightness wishing to enjoy penetration but are worried about using a vibrator. Discover is very unintimidating and gentle on the tissues of the vulva and vagina.

The only downside is that it is only splash-proof, so not suitable for bath time fun but is easy to clean.

It’s discreet enough to pop into your handbag if you have the urge for a quick orgasm when out and about!

It’s even small enough to slip between you and your partner during sexual intercourse to enjoy clitoral stimulation, which gave me an idea for a night of sexual pleasure with my partner!

Discover will definitely be added to my collection of sex toys in my bedside drawer, ready and waiting for that crucial moment!

Discover can be charged either using the USB cable with a computer or mains adaptor charger.