DIY Sex Toys Can Damage Your Sex Life

DIY Sex Toys Can Damage Your Sex Life

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We all hear the embarrassing stories about people with various items stuck in a range of orifices, household items they think will give them sexual pleasure but often just land them in Accident and Emergency rooms and get mentioned in the media too!

There are many ways to get creative with your sexual intimacy and pleasure but sticking household products into your vagina or anus is not one of them.


While many foods can be and often are inserted into the many orifices in these areas, some can be uncomfortable, painful and even dangerous so avoid using foodstuff around or inside your genitalia as these are some of the most sensitive body parts within the human body.

Many fruits and vegetables are covered with pesticides which have no place inside our vaginas or anus, they may seem clean but will still have ingrained dirt on their skin full of microbes from the soil. In addition bits may break off and stay behind inside your vagina or anus leading to infection.

Abrasive/rough foods and those which may cause an irritation or allergic reaction, like sugary food products such as syrup, honey, fruit or chocolate spread as they can cause thrush and sausages/salami based products which contain nitrites which are not beneficial to the body.

Common sense is key but if you are still eager to explore using vegetable or fruits put a condom on it to limit the risk of infection, irritation or injury because you may find it embarrassing to explain any sexual health issues to the doctor in A&E!


The only candle recommended is a massage candle

An electric toothbrush

Although there are clitoral stimulators that fit onto electric toothbrushes for external use, it really isn’t hygienic to use the same toothbrush you use to clean your teeth! If you want to stay safe, invest in a simple bullet vibrator, inexpensive yet more effective and hygienic than this.

Facial Exfoliator

Although these products are designed to give your face a good clean, some women have discovered that they vibrate so enjoy using it on their clitoris but this is unhygienic and really not a good idea. Use it for your face and invest in a sex toy designed for clitoral stimulation

Your mobile phone

We all know our phones vibrate but they were never designed for clitoral stimulation even if you stick a condom on it!

The TV Remote

Not sure why this is even considered suitable but if you must, please put a condom on it!

Aerosol Cans

We’ve all heard about the Impulse bottle but using an aerosol can is not a good idea especially if you insert in cap end. The chances are it will come off and you will need to pay a visit to A&E!

Any sharp objects

Anything that may cause cuts inside the vagina or anus is not recommended. Both the vagina and anus have a rich blood supply and any cuts, tear or injury can lead to significant bleeding. Although the tissues do heal, it may lead to risk of infection.

Glass Bottles

Absolutely not! This is one of the more common objects we read about in the media being inserted into orifices. The risk of injury is huge especially if the glass breaks! If you want to try a glass dildo, consider an Icicle, made from borosilicate glass, the same material Pyrex is made from, a much safer option!

A hair brush handle

Often recommended in the media, using the handle of your hair brush is not recommended even if you do put a condom on it.

A screwdriver handle

You may consider sex toys to be sex “tools” but using actual tools for sexual stimulation and pleasure is not a good idea. Often the handles are wooden, therefore there is a great risk of getting a splinter in a delicate place which could lead to injury and infection. Tools from the tool box are not generally clean even if you do pop a condom on them!

Using the same products for both anal and vaginal penetration

If using an anal vibrator, always choose one that is designed for anal penetration. It should be smooth, seamless and have a flared base to prevent full insertion into the anus. Thos not designed for anal play can slip inside you and be difficult to remove, hence a trip to A&E!

Do not use your sex toy for both vaginal and anal use as you can transfer bacteria from your anus to your vaginal area, leading to infection or irritation.

Even if you wash your sex toy with an antibacterial cleaner, you should still avoid using it between the vagina and anus, especially if it is made from material that is not skin safe such as rubber, jelly or latex. These all absorb bacteria and are difficult to clean.

Sex toys made from medical grade metal or borosilicate glass can be disinfected in a dishwasher or in boiling water to sterilise them.

When using a sex toy between partners we always recommend you use a condom or just invest in your own product, choosing products for vaginal use or anal use.

Elastic or Metal bands as Constriction Rings

You occasionaly read about men who have got metal rings stuck on their penises which, in rare cases, can cause penile strangulation which requires urgent treatment as loss of blood flow to the organ can lead to serious complications and in severe cases necessitate amputation.

This is why we never recommend using metal constriction rings.

You might think that using a simple household elastic band is fine but the materials used in rubber bands are quite rough so can irritate the skin and tug on your skin or pubic hair whilst in use. The skin of the penis and scrotum is thinner and more sensitIve that other parts of the body so there is the potential for chafing and bruising.

Being thin, the band can snap during use which can feel painful and it can also pinch the nerves of the penis, causing numbness. Thin tight bands can be difficult to remove when you have a erection and they can dig into the skin of the penis. If you do need to remove the band in a hurry you may need to resort to using a pair of sciossor which can put your penis at extra risk to injury.

We recommend silicone constriction rings which should only be worn for 30 minutes and can be removed easily if there is a problem.

If you want to protect your sexual health and pleasure, please think twice before fashioning a sex toy out of DIY products you find around the home unless you want to end up in A&E with an embarrassing sex injury and on the pages of tomorrow’s news website!