Want Better Sex? Use Lube!

Want Better Sex? Use Lube!

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Owning a sex toy company, we know that when you use a good irritant free sexual lubricant you can transform your sex life, which is why we only sell skin safe irritant free lubricants YES water based, YES oil based and Sutil Luxe and Sutil Rich

However, some become very embarrassed saying “I don’t need that” as if we are suggesting they have a sexual problem when we know that using a good sexual lubricant can transform your sex life.

It’s great if you don’t have a problem with vaginal lubrication, but for those of us who find ourselves less lubricated at times, using an irritant free sexual lubricant can enhance your sexual pleasure and intimacy.

Where does the idea that using sexual lubricant makes you a failure or inadequate lover come from?

While TV shows and mainstream porn often infer that women become aroused and wet at a click of your fingers, many women need a little longer to get to an adequate stage of arousal for penetration. All porn actors will tell you they use plenty of lubricants because they simply would not be able to have sex for long periods of time on camera.

You rarely see a bottle of lube in shot on TV, film or in porn.

We also need to dispel the myth that sexual lubricants are only for menopausal women, although they do really help with vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy that can occur or for fixing a problem when all the research shows that using a good sexual lubricant can benefit anyone at any age.

What affects Vaginal Lubrication?

Women’s levels of vaginal secretions vary over the month due to our hormones, which can also be affected by certain types of contraception, monthly hormonal changes medication, post childbirth including breastfeeding and common lifestyle implications such as stress. Using antihistamines can impact upon your own natural lubrication too

Some medical procedures, such as cancer treatments, can push women into a surgical menopause, and using a pH balanced lubricant can help them to regain their sexual pleasure. In this way, they can actively find ways to regain their sex life, bringing a sense of normality back to their lives after such a life-changing experience.

Why do people struggle to use sexual lubricant?

Many people worry about asking their partner if they can use lubricant, not wanting to hurt their feelings, imply they are an inadequate lover or admit that they are not feeling well lubricated despite feeling aroused.

Some people do not know how to use lubricants

Many women experience painful or uncomfortable sex, often because they are not well lubricated yet continue to endure sex that is not pleasurable rather than use sexual lubricant

Using a lubricant is a simple way to boost your sex play and get things started. Having sex before you feel ready can cause anxiety, painful/uncomfortable intercourse which may not last very long or feel very arousing. You both want to enjoy sex, so if one partner is experiencing discomfort or pain, then it will not be pleasurable for either person.

What’s more, if a partner is well-endowed, using sexual lubricant is essential to ensure pleasurable sex and to avoid any discomfort, pain or damage.

The same goes for anal sex too. It is vital to use a lubricant during anal play, such as SUTIL Rich as unlike the vagina the anus is not a self-lubricating organ, and so using a lubricant can help to reduce the risk of tearing and enhance your sexual experience.

Not all lubricants are the same!

Often couples use products that are not suitable for sex, have not been designed for sexual intercourse or even sexual lubricants which cause irritation or do not feel pleasurable. Some can dry out too quickly, others leave a sticky residue which is neither sexy nor pleasurable!

The same goes for condoms, many of which are not well lubricated, so you may need to add your own. Be aware that any oil-based product will damage the condom, rendering it ineffective, so stick to water based or silicone based products.

Finding the right sexual lubricant is important, but this is such a common reason why people give up using a lubricant because they may have tried one that caused irritation or did not last very long and believe all lubricants are like that one product.

It is advisable to avoid using “tingling” or “warming“ lubricants, as these can contain menthol and chilli extracts, which can cause more harm than good and check the ingredients on the bottle. Many commercial lubricants contain ingredients such a propylene glycol, parabens, perfume, dyes, alcohol, sorbitol or glycerin, all of which are known vaginal irritants and may cause thrush.


Choosing an irritant free sexual lubricant is important to avoid upsetting the vagina flora and increasing your risk of developing thrush or bacterial vaginosis. Many lubricant brands contain many irritating ingredients which include glycerin, glycols, parabens, dyes, perfume, sorbitol, alcohol and even glitter! So you need to be an ingredients detective and always check the label.

Many couples use saliva as their lubricant, but it is more watery than slippery and dries out quickly. Some household substances are not suitable for lubricant such as Vaseline, olive oil, Baby Oil, Bio Oil, hand cream or body lotion as they are not designed for internal use or pH balanced to that of the vagina.

Well-Known Brands Contain Irritating Ingredients

Some popular water-based brands, including KY and well-known brands frequently prescribed and recommended by healthcare professionals and widely available on the high street and online, can exacerbate vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy. This is because they contain many irritating ingredients that draw moisture away from the walls of the vagina rather than lock it in and hydrate them.

When trying a lubricant for the first time, do a skin test to ensure you are not allergic to the ingredients, nothing worse than a sting, itchy or burning vagina, penis or anus! Choosing the right lubricant is important. You may need to try a few products before you discover one that works for you. You might find you have to use more or less, depending on the product, so experiment with what feels more pleasurable for you.

Be honest with your partner

Rather than enduring painful or uncomfortable sex or you or your partner struggling to make you feel wet during foreplay, suggest that you try some lubrication to get things started. Most partners appreciate a little guidance when it comes to pleasuring their partner, and hearing your moans of pleasure when they gently massage lubricant onto your clitoris and inside your vagina will turn them on even more.

If your partner is reluctant to try lubricant, show them just how much more pleasurable it feels for you, how much it makes you feel ready for sex and how it makes you want to enjoy more pleasurable sex.

Incorporating sexual lubricant into your sex play

Applying lubricant can feel amazing and be visually thrilling too. Having your partner glide their slippery hands over your penis, and then applying it to their own genitals, can really get the pulse racing. Using a sex toy is a great way to apply lube too. The building anticipation can also enhance your sexual experience.

If foreplay feels pleasurable, then you will become more aroused, however there is nothing worse than masturbating or being masturbated when you or your partner feels dry.

Using lube is also a great way to enjoy quickie sex too.

Many couples who try a great lubricant for the first time and discover just how pleasurable their sexual intimacy and pleasure can be, they often say “why didn’t we use lubricant before?”. Some have told us they spent all weekend in bed enjoying incredible sex, so much fun!

Use Lubricant and transform your sex life

One of the simplest ways to transform your sex life is to incorporate lubricant into your sex play, so take the plunge, dispel any myths about female sexual arousal you’ve heard and elevate your sexual pleasure to the next-level or just make it feel even better.

Let’s face it, using a good lubricant will enhance your sex life, by making sex feel more pleasurable, last longer, and you’ll want to have more!

As the saying goes and as many people will tell you, myself included, “Wetter is better” whatever your age, gender or sexual orientation