Good Sex Can Last Minutes, Not Hours!

Good Sex Can Last Minutes, Not Hours!

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Contrary to popular belief that sex needs to last for hours to be considered good, many couples enjoy satisfying sexual intercourse which last between 3-13 minutes, according to Penn State Erie researchers Eric Corty and Jenay Guardiani (2008).

They conducted a survey of 50 members from the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, which included doctors, psychologists, social workers, marriage counsellors, family counsellors and nurses, all of whom had many years of experience with patients who had sexual problems.

They were asked questions about the time spent having sexual intercourse, from penetration of the vagina by the penis to ejaculation.

Their definitions of the range of intercourse activity times were:

  • adequate- 3-7 minutes
  • desirable- 7-13 minutes
  • too short – 1-2 minutes
  • too long -10-30 minutes.

The act of sexual intercourse is very subjective and often relies upon a person’s own beliefs about what they think sexual intercourse should be like.

Social media and the internet portrays a fantasy model of sex as large penises, rock hard erections lasting for hours, women who are constantly turned on and all night long sex.

This unrealistic ideal can cause disappointment and dissatisfaction within a couple’s sexual relationship. It may also lead to a person seeking help for sexual dysfunction when they actually have a normal sex life.

Some women find sex with men who go for long periods of time can be boring and prefer for it to end quicker. This is when they plan their shopping lists or think about what they have to do the next day!

The man could be experiencing problems with reaching ejaculation and orgasm that requires medical advice.

Long periods of sexual activity can cause vaginal soreness and dryness if there is inadequate lubrication, leading to pain and discomfort. Using a good quality lubricant such as YES organic lubricant can help ease any discomfort and make sex feel more pleasurable.

Sex should last for however long the people who are doing it want it to last for.

If you only have time for quickie sex, then three minute sex is perfect and extremely satisfying.

If you are on holiday and have time to have leisurely sex, staying in bed all day and night, then that is a good amount of time too.

The “length of time”: for good sex also depends on the age of a person and how much they like the person they are with.

The sex you have in your twenties may be very different for the type of sex you have in your thirties, after you have children or when you get older.

As you get older, you increase your sexual knowledge and learn what feels good for you, and what you don’t like.

With the rise of divorce and second marriages and relationships and improved health, people are enjoying sex later in life.

With erotic fiction widely available in the public domain, many people are incorporating the use of sex toys, bondage and sex play into their sex lives to increase their sexual pleasure and excitement.

Some people are unable to enjoy penetrative sex due to illness, disease and disabilities but still enjoy a full satisfying sex life without intercourse incorporating sex toys and being imaginative with their sexual relationships.

However long sex lasts for you, if you both enjoy it and experience great sexual pleasure, that is what is important.