Why Is My Lube Sticky?⁠

Why Is My Lube Sticky?⁠

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Why is your lube sticky? Because it contains GLYCERIN.⁠

Glycerin is a common cheap ingredient found in many commercial lubricants and even some available on prescription⁠

Glycerin is a sugary ingredient which makes lubricants feel sticky, which can create friction and irritation during sex and leave a residue behind after sex play., which is neither sexy nor pleasurable

Being a sugar it creates a sugary environment that thrush loves to thrive, so it is advisable to choose a glycerin free products and especially if you know you are prone to vaginal infections, get recurrent thrush or bacterial vaginosis. ⁠

Lubricants should feel natural, not intrusive. Often people are put off from using a sexual lubricant because it causes irritation and feels intrusive

An irritant free lubricant like SUTIL Luxe and Rich or YESWB feel like your own natural lubrication, especially SUTIL which interacts with your own natural lubrication to make you feel more lubricated. And we all know that “wetter is better” when it comes to enjoying pleasurable sex.

So it’s important to check the ingredients label. Having said that, some brands do not put the ingredients on the label!⁠

If your GP prescribes a lubricant or vaginal moisturiser, ask them what the ingredients are. Just because it is on prescription does not mean it is good for your vagina health, and there are several products on prescription which contain irritating ingredients including glycerin, glycols, parabens, dyes, perfume and alcohol.

Many flavoured lubricants contain glycerin, so choose one with natural flavourings that do not contain glycerin. Flavoured lubricants are ideal for oral sex, but if you know you are sensitive, it is advisable to wash it off before penetrative sex and use your irritant free lubricant.⁠

Some contain sorbitol, a sugar alcohol which may cause thrush too. Some brands are glycerin free, but still contain ingredients that may cause irritation, including propylene glycol, parabens, dyes, perfume and alcohol

When you find a lubricant that works for you, it can transform your sexual health and pleasure. We know because SUTIL and YES transformed my intimate health and our sex life!

So be an ingredients detective and always check the label before you buy or try any lubricant because there is nothing sexy about an itching vulva, burning penis or stinging vagina and there is nothing empowering about a bout of thrush!