Food Foreplay

Food Foreplay

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By experimenting with the many different and sensual ways food can interact with your body and spice up your sex life!

Your mouth

Your tongue is an amazing sex organ, with all it can taste and feel. The 10,000 taste buds on your tongue can sense the basic sensations of bitter, sweet, sour and salty. Add in the olfactory sensors in the upper part of the nose, and you can enjoy all the subtle flavours of life. The tongue, lips and mouth have many nerve endings allowing them to experience the texture and taste of food, not to mention kissing and licking!

Your skin

Your skin is the largest erogenous zone on your body and is constantly engaged during sexual intercourse. The numerous nerve endings make touch an extremely powerful sense. Edible substances, such as whipped cream, honey, champagne and ice can invoke exciting and different sensual sensations on your skin as well as feel amazing, especially if licked off with a busy tongue!

Your genitalia

While many foods can be and often are inserted into the many orifices in these areas, some can be uncomfortable, painful and even dangerous so avoid using foodstuff around or inside your genitalia as these are some of the most sensitive body parts within the human body.

Abrasive/rough foods and those which may cause an irritation or allergic reaction, like sugary food products as they can cause thrush and sausages/salami based products which contain nitrites which are not beneficial to the body.

Common sense is key but if you are still eager to explore using vegetable or fruits put a condom on it to limit the risk of infection, irritation or injury because you may find it embarrassing to explain any sexual health issues to the doctor in A&E!

Ways to combine food and sex

Begin by enjoying a wonderful meal, be adventurous with your food choices. Enjoy each morsel of food, savouring its taste, texture, smell and sight. Some foods are considered aphrodisiacs and a small amount of alcohol can help loosen you up. Don’t eat too much food as a full stomach is more conducive to falling asleep than having sex and you may miss all the fun!

Try feeding each other little titbits like whipped cream and fruit from your fingers. Finger food play can lead into mouth food play through deep kissing. Champagne and chocolate are tantalising treats to share in this way.

A fun way to heighten your senses or those of your partner is to be blindfolded. Not knowing what you are about to eat makes each flavour more intense. Try a sex and mischief blindfold

Ice isn’t a food but it can definitely invoke a sense all of its own. By gently gliding an ice cube over the breasts and nipples, across the stomach, between the thighs or even on really sensitive spots like the clitoris or tip of the penis can cause spine chilling arousal in a good way!

Put an ice cube in your mouth during oral sex to tantalise and excite your partner with a vulva and vagina or for oral sex on a penis.

If you don’t fancy an ice cube, try an icicle or metal toys cooled down in the fridge, never the freezer, to create a chilling, yet sexually exciting sensation.

Sucking on an ice lolly, especially when it is hot, can be very arousing for men, seeing the ice lolly being sucked and nibbled on by their partner who can then indulge in oral sex with a chilly mouth and tongue! Just do not use it inside your vagina because it could cause thrush!

Licking a favourite liquor or champagne from your partner’s belly button is fun or deep kissing with a mouthful of sparkling wine can create a fizzy sensation.

Most fruit can make a sweet treat during sex. Cut into bite sized pieces, even frozen, and fed to each other, fruit can be very sexy in this way and the way in which the juices from some fruit run down from your lips or across your body will feel very erotic.

Syrup and honey are good food to use, drizzled in the right places but a bit sticky and not designed for internal sex play! A post coital shower will be needed after all this food play but, then again, it might lead to more hot, steamy sex.

Have fun, be adventurous with food and tantalise those taste buds and your body!