Have A Sexy Autumn

Have A Sexy Autumn

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Now the summer holidays are over for many, the children are back to school and the evenings are getting darker, all we want to do is snuggle up under our duvets and hibernate until Spring. You may not feel very sexy at this time of year and yearn for the hot, sultry days of summer when you could drift about in a few layers of clothing, but there are many ways to kick start your sexual appetite and drag yourself out of the post summer depression which hits many of us once summer has passed for another year.

Why not try some of the following ideas to get that feel good glow back into your body and keep your sexual energy just at simmering point when the temperatures start to fall outside!

Get outside

Taking regular exercise can boost your sexual health as well as keeping you fit and increase your overall well being. Autumn is a fabulous season, bringing with it crisp sunny days, vivid blue skies and vibrant colours all around as the trees shed their summer coats and change into glorious hues of red, gold, orange and yellow. Shiny red berries start to appear on bushes briefly before the birds gobble them up. Delicious apples and pears, straight from our local orchards which taste heavenly and enormous pumpkins, funny-shaped squash and plump root vegetables line the shelves in the shops and at farmers’ markets across the country.

Wrap up warmly in a hat, scarf and gloves and enjoy a lovely walk with your loved one or family. Savour the sights around you, the bright colours of the leaves, shiny conkers falling out of their broken shells, crunchy leaves under foot. Release your inner child and have a leaf fight or just jump in the fallen leaves.

The health benefits of being outside are numerous and include lowering blood pressure, reducing the symptoms of asthma and arthritis, boosting brainpower and immunity to enable you to ward off colds and coughs. Walking on the beach offers even more health giving benefits as the crashing of waves on the shore is extremely therapeutic for the mind and body. If walking on the beach or in the woods is not possible for you, try gardening instead which offers similar health benefits and at this time of year, there are many jobs which need to be done before winter.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could always try quickie sex in the woods or on the beach – just make sure you are not found out and keep warm!

Turn the heat up

There is no need to turn the thermostat up high, you can raise the temperature by snuggling up to the one you love under a cosy blanket in front of a roaring fire, sipping a hot chocolate or full bodied glass of red wine, reading an erotic story or watch a romantic film to get you in the mood for some slow, sensual lovemaking.

Light scented candles to set the scene or use massage oils to give your loved one an arousing all over body massage, paying close attention on those erogenous parts. Build the sexual tension by having fantastic food foreplay, feeding each other tiny morsels of dark chocolate and fruit pieces or drizzling champagne or honey over skin and licking it off, giving your undivided attention to all those important body parts to create a slow burning heat within your partner’s body.

Try using a sex toy or light bondage to add spice to your sex life. A couples’ toy can be fun, such as My Secret panty Vibe especially if it is remote controlled. Not knowing when your partner is going to press that button will keep you on your toes and raise your sexual tension.

Try Doxy massager for an all over body massage and an intimate massage too. It is so powerful it works through clothing, so enjoying the relaxing vibrations to ease your aching muscles, then ramp up your sexual pleasure by playing the Doxy head over those intimate areas for sensational sexual pleasure.

Treat your partner to their own toy, try “Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential”:“product/hot-octopuss-pulse-solo-essential or “ Fun Factory Manta”:product/fun-factory-manta to give them a sexy thrill!

Being blindfolded will heighten your senses making you more aware of the sensual feelings of pleasure and arousal within your body. Keeping warm won’t be a problem and you can stay next to the fire to enjoy hot, sizzling sex or continue in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom to explore each other in more detail.

Avoid coughs and sneezes

Changes in temperature means that germs and bugs have a field day at this time of year, so make sure you protect yourself from catching colds and coughs. Always wash your hands properly after using the toilet and handling food. Use paper tissues and dispose of them in the bin. Ensure that you get a good night’s sleep to help your immune system to fight off any unwanted bugs and to fully rest your body. Get some fresh air if possible but make sure you wrap up warm to avoid getting chilled.

Feed your body warming soups, hearty stews and comforting apple crumble using all the delicious autumnal fruits and vegetables and keep hydrated with plenty of water, especially in centrally heated buildings.

Having a cold doesn’t make you feel very sexy but you can always snuggle up next to your loved ones and enjoy being looked after by them.

One way to boost your immunity is to enjoy regular orgasms, so no excuse, orgasms are good for your health!

Sexy super foods

Foods that make you feel good inside can stimulate your sexual appetite too. Enjoy a creamy mug of hot chocolate, topped with a dollop of cream to make you feel warm inside. Indulge in a deep chocolatey kiss after sipping your cocoa. Share an indulgent piece of chocolate cake or brownie with each other or feed tiny morsels of luxurious dark chocolate to each other.

Feel naughty by licking melted chocolate or honey from your partner’s fingers. We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and studies have shown that men subconsciously become aroused by the smell of pumpkin pie along with lavender and doughnuts, so grab a pumpkin and bake him a pie to show him you love him and get him in the mood for some sensational sex!

There is a sexy body under here!

Feeling comfortable and warm is important during the cooler months of the year, but it can be difficult to feel sexy underneath all those layers. Even though you may be doing an impression of an Inuit on the outside, there is no reason not to wear gorgeous sexy lingerie beneath all your layers. Wearing beautiful lingerie makes you feel sexy as only you know you are wearing it and will give your partner an unexpected but extremely pleasurable surprise when they find out what is waiting for them when you get undressed.

Let go of your inhibitions and enjoy some really delicious sex.

So, don’t feel depressed that summer is over: embrace the new season by turning up the heat with some of these sexy moves to tantalise and stimulate your partner as well as yourself and enjoy the best Autumn sex that you have ever had.