How Do I Use My Vaginal Moisturiser?

How Do I Use My Vaginal Moisturiser?

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We often recommend using a vaginal moisturiser because we know it can improve your vulva and vagina health and make sex feel pleasurable.

As we age, go through menopause, following cancer treatment or when breastfeeding, the tissues of our vulva and vagina can shrink as the levels of oestrogen deplete, leaving them less flexible, less well lubricated, which can make penetrative sex feel painful and more prone to infections including thrush and bacterial vaginosis in addition to becoming sore and irritated. Many people reach for an intimate wash, unsuitable product from their bathroom or kitchen cupboard or poor lubricant, believing they can ease these symptoms but only exacerbate their vagina and vulva health issues.

A vaginal moisturiser is different from a sexual lubricant, as it is longer lasting and designed to nourish the tissues of the vulva and vagina. It works by slowly releasing water, where needed, rehydrating dry mucosa. When used regularly, it restores the natural protective acidity of the vagina. It is not designed for sex play, although some people do use it in this way. Just as you moisturise your face and body, it is recommended to use a vaginal moisturiser internally every 3-4 days and moisturise your vulva as necessary, this may be daily or every few days.

What Product should I use?

Many people assume that products designed to moisturise the face and body are suitable for your vagina and vulva. Just because a product is slippery doesn’t mean it is suitable for your intimate health. Some vaginal moisturisers contain many irritating ingredients including glycerin, glycols, parabens, dyes, perfumes and alcohol, all of which have no place inside our vaginas and on our vulvas.

We only recommend YESVM, SUTIL Luxe and SUTIL Rich because ingredients matter when it comes to your intimate health. These moisturisers are free from any irritating ingredients as mentioned above.

How Do I Apply It?

You can apply your moisturiser using your fingers, on a sex toy or dilator or with our reusable Lube Tube to get it inside your vagina and massage it on your vulva. Some people like using the YESVM applicators which are single use. They’re handy to pop in your bag when on the move or going away for a weekend.

If you find it is runny, pop your moisturiser in last thing at night after you’ve had your final wee before you go to sleep. You can also massage it onto your vulva to nourish the tissues, alleviate dryness and discomfort and keep them healthy

This is my intimate regime

I, personally, have a regime for my vagina and vulva that I recommend to customers which includes using YESVM x 2 weekly, local oestrogen x 3 weekly, Sutil Luxe or Rich or YES oil based lube for any sex play, I only wash this area with water, I never use shower gels, bath bombs, intimate washes, wipes or sprays. You can also use Sutil Luxe and Rich as a vaginal moisturiser too. I use YESVM internally on Monday and Thursday, just before I go to bed after my last visit to the toilet. And my local oestrogen on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. I moisturise my vulva with YESVM or SUTIL as and when I feel I need it.