How do I use my lube?

How do I use my lube?

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We often get calls and emails from customers asking how they should use their lube, especially those who have never used a lubricant before.

There is no hard and fast way to use lube, you may need to experiment with whatever works for you. Using a good lube can make masturbation, any sex play alone or with a partner and when using sex toys feel wonderful.

Personally, I pop a little on before any sex play, I find it really arousing, and I very rarely need to add more, especially when we use SUTIL Luxe or SUTIL Rich because they’re much longer lasting than many water-based lubes.

Some people like applying it with their fingers, on a sex toy or get their partner to gently massage it onto their vulva or penis, inside their vagina, or anus Other people apply it when they’re about to have penetrative sex. We also have a reusable lube tube to help you get it exactly where you want it.

It’s all about finding what works for you and /or a partner. Often people struggle because they’re using poor lubes that sting because of irritating ingredients, just feel sticky because of the glycerin or are intrusive, none of which is fun or arousing! A good sexual lubricant should feel natural, as if it were your own natural lubrication. This often puts people off using a lubricant because they assume they’re all the same when we know using a great lube can transform your sexual pleasure whatever your age or gender

We always recommend using our skin safe irritant free lubes SUTIL Luxe and Rich or YES water based or YES oil-based lubes which can also be used together to create a Double Glide effect. Any oil-based lubricant will destroy latex condoms

SUTIL Rich is thicker than SUTIL Luxe so is perfect for anal sex too.

Some people like using ID Velvet silicone lube which is great for any sex play as it feels very slippery and is long-lasting, but we do not recommend using any silicone lubricants with silicone sex toys as it damages the material of the toy.

Our oil based and silicone lubes are great for sex play in the bath, shower, sea, and pool as they’re longer lasting and won’t wash away in water unlike water-based lubes.

You can even use YES oil-based lube for a sensual massage to incorporate it into your sex play.

However, you use your lube, we know that using a good irritant free lubricant can transform your sexual health and pleasure.