Want thrush? Use a bath bomb!

Want thrush? Use a bath bomb!

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Hands up, who has had thrush?

Let’s face it, no one wants thrush but according to SH24 NHS 75% of people with a vagina and vulva will get a bout a thrush. For many, including myself, recurrent thrush was or is a part of our lives. It is one of the top three most searched conditions, which highlights its prevalence. Medical conditions such as diabetes also increase the prevalence of thrush.

I, personally, discovered intimate hygiene products, bathing products and ingredients in lubes and moisturisers were the culprit. It drives me potty that these products are even more widely available and constantly promoted at anyone with a vulva and vagina, even teenagers. Our vulvas and vaginas are the last part of our bodies to be monetised, and it is big business, rapidly growing despite many of these products cause irritation, infection and destroy our friendly bacteria that protect our intimate health. We are inundated with celebrities promoting their bath bombs, irritating lubricants, vagina tightening treatments, the list is endless and even worse are the medical professionals who are paid to promote these products!

It took 20 years for me to discover that glycerin, glycols, parabens, dyes, perfumes, alcohol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (aka Sodium Laureth Sulphate and often shortened to SLS) all cause irritation. Now I know, I have a regime for my intimate health to prevent thrush which includes using good skin safe irritant free lubes which include YES oil-based lubricant SUTIL Luxe and SUTIL Rich and YESVM, a vaginal moisturiser. I only wash my vulva with water, I avoid baths (and I really miss them but realise they were also exacerbating my vagina health) and never use soap, intimate washes and bath bombs!

I have a bath bomb I use for talks sent by a manufacturer that is still in its original packaging. I store it in another plastic bag with a jelly sex toy because they are both heavily perfumed and smell disgusting. Yet, people buy these products and put them inside the most delicate and sensitive parts of their bodies!

Why do Bath Bombs cause intimate issues?

I’m always advising people to ditch bath bombs! I call them thrush bombs because so many people experience irritation or thrush after having a long soak in the bath with one of these! Often brands will try to rename their ingredients to hide the fact they are glycerin, glycol or parabens by adding a prefix to confuse customers. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a huge problem because it strips the skin of its natural oils, which causes dry skin, irritation and allergic reactions. Inflammatory skin reactions include itchy skin and scalp, eczema and dermatitis. Other irritating ingredients include fragrances, dyes and glitter. Glitter can also get embedded into the walls of the vagina and tissues of the vulva and anus, leading to irritation and infection.

With videos on YouTube showing mums with small children mixing up bath bombs made from poor ingredients, it is big business. Small children and young girls have incredibly delicate vulvas and vaginas More worryingly some look like sweets and children have been known to eat them too!

Just walking past thrush bombs in a shop makes my nose itch.

If you love a long soak in the bath, stop before throwing that bath bomb into the water, think about your intimate health and choose skin safe products with irritant free ingredients because getting a bout of thrush isn’t sexy or fun.