Jo Divine Health Brochure

Jo Divine Health Brochure

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As a former nurse and co-founder of Jo Divine, I have written extensively about enjoying great sex whoever you are, whatever your age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or health conditions. I use my nursing and medical knowledge to create practical sexual health and pleasure articles you can find on our blog and on our press page.

I also post short videos and posts on my Instagram account @samtalkssex

As a result of having in-depth content on our website and advising many people with sexual health issues, we were asked to create the Jo Divine health brochure in 2015 with Consultant uro-gynaecologist Mr Alex Slack, Women’s Health physiotherapist Pip Salmon and gynaecology ward manager Lynda Wickenden at Tunbridge Wells Hospital who recognise that sexual pleasure and intimacy is important to many people.

They wanted to recommend products that can be used with medical dilators and sexual lubricants to encourage their patients to use the dilators or as an alternative to help post-operative scarring, vaginal tightness, vaginismus, post childbirth, post cancer treatment and when sex feels painful.

They also wanted to help their patients with decreased sexual sensation following gynaecological surgery and cancer treatment or as a result of a medical condition including diabetes, neurological conditions, post childbirth and those going through and post menopause.

It is well documented that cancer treatments impact upon sexual function, sensation, libido and body image, yet many healthcare professionals do not discuss these sexual side effects and patients often feel reluctant to talk about them.

If the medical or surgical treatment or health conditions impact upon your ability to enjoy pleasurable sex in whatever way you want to, talking about sex needs to be a compulsory part of treatment.

Sex should never be painful

Research published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (2016) found that nearly 1 in 10 women, non-binary and trans people experience painful sex, known as dyspareunia but don’t seek help because of embarrassment, or they think they have to put up with it. The study of 7000 women aged between 16-74 found women in their late 50s and early 60s were mainly affected, and younger women aged 16-24.

There are many other causes for painful sex such as post op scarring after gynaecological surgery such as a hysterectomy, post childbirth scarring, breastfeeding and sex, vaginal dryness, medical conditions, genital skin conditions such as lichens sclerosus, sexual health conditions like vaginismus, the impact of the menopause, following cancer treatment for breast cancer, womb cancer, cervical cancer, vulval cancer, ovarian cancer, stress, anxiety and decreased sensation.

“Thanks so much, I saw your little video on the website, and thank you for being so straightforward about everything. I’ve been putting off doing anything for ages as I thought it would be intimidating, but finally feel I have found a good resource. I’ll read the brochure and definitely be back in touch to order some stuff” (customer with ovarian cancer)

The health brochure is not just aimed at people who experience gynaecological health issues, we also work with several HCPs working in Breast Cancer Care. Recent research from Breast Cancer Care (2018) found that 8 out of 10 women are dissatisfied with their sex life after breast cancer and struggle to receive the right support or advice to help them recover their sexual intimacy and pleasure.

“Samantha’s products and information has been a life changer for many of my patients. Her website is definitely one worthy of a view and also to signpost patients/clients to. Your website is a godsend as far as I’m concerned!! Most of my patients prefer not to look at the likes of Ann Summers, they want good honest reviews of products with articles they can relate to….. really well done!” Aisling Burke WHPhysio, Kent

The health brochure is given out by menopause doctors in menopause clinics and in support groups across the UK, by psychosexual therapists, in genital pain and dermatology clinics, therapeutic radiographers, by gynaecologists and gynaecological clinical nurse specialists, including Macmillan nurses and by breast cancer care nurses and doctors and stoma care nurses too.

“Just to let you know, your selection of toys went down a storm with the patients who attended our roadshow. I included them in my talks and this created lots of interest. All the booklets and leaflets were taken, and several people indicated they would be making purchases. More importantly, the fact that sex can be enjoyed by all was well received and discussed in the Q&A session. Many thanks, Kevin”. Kevin Hayles, Amcare Stoma Care Nurse Manager

What’s in the Brochure?

We carefully selected suitable products to include in our health brochure, which has grown in number of pages and products over the years. It includes products that can help with vaginal tightness and dryness, decreased sexual sensation, boost libido and arousal, prevent deep penetrations and make sex feel great.

Why Use A Vibrator?

Using a vibrator increases arousal, blood flow, sexual sensation and your ability to orgasm, promotes healing of scar tissue, eases vaginal tightness, boosts your natural vaginal lubrication, making the vagina feel more hydrated, all of which makes sex feel more pleasurable.

These slim vibrators, designed for internal and external play, range in size. When used as an alternative to, or with dilators, they gently stretch the vagina
walls to make them more flexible and penetration more pleasurable.

Jo Divine IMMY

Jo Divine IMMY, our first own branded sex toy, is a powerful 7 speed battery powered vibrator, and the slimmest in our health range. It is frequently recommended by many of the healthcare professionals we work with, especially as a first toy and to help sexual health issues including vaginismus, vaginal tightness, vaginal atrophy and massaging scar tissue.

The soft, smooth silicone shaft is narrow and has a flexible tip, perfect for massaging around the entrance of the vagina and any scar tissue. Ideal for those who want to try a vibrator but are concerned about size. You can also remove the silicone sleeve to enjoy the 7 speed bullet on its own.
Size: Total length 10 cm/4” | circ. 7.2 cm/2.9”
Powered by 1 × 1.5volt N-size /LR1 (included)
Suitable to use with our water – based and oil – based lubricants but not our silicone lubricant

Rocks-Off Prism

Rocks-Off Prism is a sleek and slender beauty, ideal for people who want to try a vibrator but are concerned about size or prefer a slim product. With 10 functions, this beautiful, powerful skin-safe multicoloured, long and slim vibrator delivers intense internal and external stimulation.
It is ideal for easing vaginal tightness, massaging scar tissue after childbirth and post-operatively.
Size: Total length 12.7 cm/5” | circ. 6.35 cm/2.5”
Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (included)
Suitable to use with our all our irritant free sexual lubricants

Rock Off Peri Berri

Rocks Off Peri Berri is a powerful battery operated G-spot vibrator. Easy to control with just one button, you can enjoy 10 vibrations sensations via the powerful motors located in the head. Being very flexible, Peri Berri fits perfectly to the contours of your body to deliver deep pleasure sensations exactly where you want them.
It is100% waterproof, so ideal for relaxing in the bath or shower
Size: Insertable length 16cm/6.2” Max circ. 12.5cm/5”
Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (included)
Suitable to use with our water – based and oil – based lubricants but not our silicone lubricant

OhMiBod Cuddle Mini

OhMiBod Cuddle Mini is a petite, flexible, powerful vibrator, with 7 preset vibration patterns and 6 levels of intensity. The raised bump at the tip can help massage the tissues of the vagina and feels great on your clitoris. It is gently curved to follow the natural shape of your vagina and is rechargeable
Size: Insertable 10 cm/3.9” | max circ. 9.5 cm/3.7”
USB charging cable included
Suitable to use with our water – based and oil – based lubricants but not our silicone lubricant

CalExotics Mini Marvels Marvelous Lover

CalExotics Mini Marvels Marvelous Lover is a dual function vibrator designed for internal and external pleasure. The powerful motor is located in the very slim shaft/handle of the toy, which is adjustable, allowing you to find a position that works for you. You can bend it, so the flat head can rest on your clitoris, providing dual stimulation. Perfect for anyone worried about using a classically shaped toy too.
Size: Insertable 10 cm/4” | circ. 8.5 cm/3.3”
USB charging cable included
Suitable to use with our water – based and oil – based lubricants but not our silicone lubricant

LELO Liv v2

LELO Liv v2 is a luxurious rechargeable slim vibrator. With a soft body-safe silicone exterior and eight whisper-quiet vibration patterns offering intense stimulation, Liv is perfect for newcomers to sex toys as it is small and unintimidating.
Size: Insertable 10 cm/4” | circ. 9.3 cm /3.7”
USB charging cable included
Suitable to use with our water – based and oil – based lubricants but not our silicone lubricant

PicoBong Zizo

Offering a slim, curved profile, PicoBong Zizo is a popular battery-powered vibrator in the health range. Coated in soft, velvety silicone, it is ideal for gentle sex play. With an unintimidating size, the waterproof Zizo has a whisper-quiet motor and 12 different speed settings and pulse patterns, offering a range of vibrations to suit everyone. It is the same size as an average penis.
Size: Insertable 14 cm/5.5” | circ. 10.5 cm/4.1”
Powered by 2 x AAA batteries
Suitable to use with our water – based and oil – based lubricants but not our silicone lubricant

Je Joue Uma

Je Joue Uma has a contoured shaft which curves with your body and offers a smooth tip, that is slightly larger and more bulbous than the other toys mentioned above. The silicone is smooth and seamless. Uma offers outstanding deep fluttering, rumbling vibrations which are ideal for both pleasure and promoting blood supply. Perfect for easing tightness and massaging scar tissue
Size: Insertable 12 cm/4.75” | circ. 11.5 cm/4.5”
USB charging cable included
Suitable to use with our water – based and oil – based lubricants but not our silicone lubricant

Struggling to Orgasm?

It is well known that 70% of women orgasm through clitoral stimulation, but often sexual health issues, including cancer treatment, medical and surgical intervention, menopause, medication and health conditions lead to decreased sexual sensation and diminished libido. Which is where clitoral toys come into their own, offering sexual stimulation and sensations not possible through masturbation alone. All these toys are ideal to play with alone or a partner.

From a simple bullet vibrator like the Rocks-Off Sugar Damson, the beautiful ergonomically pebble shaped Je Joue Mimi Soft with deep rumbling vibes and a squidgy tip to the Game Changer, there are many clitoral stimulators that help increase sexual sensation and a flagging libido. Suitable to use with our water – based and oil – based lubricants but not our silicone lubricant

The LELO SONA 2 was featured on Sex, Myths and the Menopause with Davina McCall.

Sonic wave technology has transformed orgasms everywhere, and SONA 2 is a real Game changer and one of our best-selling products. SONA 2 does not vibrate, it gently teases and caresses your clitoris into submission. SONA 2’s new generation of sonic waves offers fast yet gentle clitoral stimulation. Perfect for everyone, SONA 2 is ideal for those who experience decreased sexual sensation, struggle to orgasm or find their orgasms feel less intense. Great for getting warmed up for sex, boosting blood flow, arousal and libido.

We recommend using the LELO SONA 2 with our water-based lubricants to get a better seal

Is Sex Painful?

Three quarters of people with a vagina will experience painful penetrative sex at some point. However, these products can help you to enjoy sex again because painful sex is not pleasurable sex.

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit

The Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit offers 5 dilators that are ergonomically curved and easy to use. Made from flexible, skin-safe silicone, they have easy to use loop handles which makes them comfortable to hold. Great to use with IMMY as it fits through the loop handle of the three smaller dilators and turns them into a vibrating dilator. We often recommend IMMY with the dilator kit, as many people find using IMMY before dilating helps them to relax. The Inspire Dilators are suitable to use with our water – based and oil – based lubricants but not our silicone lubricant

OHNUT Classic Buffer Rings

Does deep penetration sometimes feel painful?

The Ohnut is an ingenious product made from 4 stretchy silicone rings designed to act as a buffer and prevent deep penetration. These comfy modular rings are worn around the base of a penetrating partner and compress down. Rings can be added or removed at any time to enjoy pleasurable, pain-free sex. Being incredibly stretchy, Ohnut is suitable for any penis size, including those who are more well-endowed.
Suitable to use with our water – based and oil – based lubricants but not our silicone lubricant

Why Use Our Sexual Lubricants?

We’re passionate about intimate health and sexual pleasure, which is why we only sell irritant free lubes and moisturisers that feel incredible and can transform your sex life because ingredients matter when it comes to your intimate health and sexual pleasure.
Most commercial lubes and even some available on prescription, contain cheap, low-quality ingredients including parabens, glycerines, glycols, alcohol, dyes and perfumes, which can cause irritation, thrush and bacterial vaginosis. Many popular brands lubricate but actively remove moisture from the vaginal walls, so exacerbate vaginal dryness.

Many people tell us our lubricants have transformed their intimate health and sexual pleasure, which is great because there is nothing sexy or pleasurable about a bout of thrush or itchy vulva!

Many people are unsure how to use their lubricant so we have created this article which may be helpful.


Made with botanical and organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced, SUTIL Luxe contains ingredients that moisturise, nourish and enhance your intimate health. SUTIL Luxe is a premium lube that feels natural, not intrusive. It gently cushions and glides, blending seamlessly with your own natural lubrication, making you feel wetter. Unlike most other water-based lubes, Luxe is long-lasting and does not dry out, making it economical to use.

SUTIL Luxe is an excellent lube for menopausal and post-menopausal people and can be used as a vaginal/ vulval moisturiser too. If you care about what you eat and use on your face and body, give your vagina the lube it deserves – you won’t regret it!

Non-staining and condom safe.


SUTIL Rich is a thick, velvety water -based lubricant that feels like it’s silicone-based.

Designed with a pH suitable for both anal and vaginal use, the new “Rich” formulation has enhanced viscosity to ease anal penetration and soothe dry, delicate tissues. SUTIL Rich contains small amounts of Horny Goat Weed – a herbal aphrodisiac – that is added, along with Siberian Ginseng and Jujube nut. Traditionally, these herbs are used to increase strength, energy, stamina and vitality, but they also help to boost immune functions and have natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties to fight infection.

Horny Goat Weed is also a vasodilator, which promotes blood flow and increases natural lubrication. Depending on your sensitivity, you may feel a warm, slightly tingly sensation when using SUTIL Rich and if you are new to SUTIL we would recommend trying SUTIL Luxe first (or try both!).The both come in a 10ml sample size, 3-4 uses.

SUTIL Rich is an excellent lube for menopausal and post-menopausal people who find sex painful or uncomfortable, and can be used as a vaginal/ vulval moisturiser too. It is not recommended for those who take nitroglycerin, have sensitivities to herbal extracts, or experience vulval/vaginal sensitivity -
In these cases, the SUTIL Luxe is the lube for you.

YES Water-Based Lubricant

YES Water-based lubricant facilitates your pleasure without overwhelming your skin or senses. It is free of taste, smell, colour and residue. Also free of glycerine, parabens and glycols. Made from organic ingredients, it is non-staining and condom safe.

YES Oil-Based Lubricant

YES oil-based lubricant provides a wonderful smooth feel which enhances your enjoyment and helps sex play, without soreness or irritation. Created from the finest quality plant oils, it is nourishing to the skin. It is great to pop on if swimming in chlorinated water or the sea to protect the tissues of the vulva. Not latex condom safe.

YESOB and YESWB can be used together to create a Double Glide effect. You can also use it with Sutil too.

YES Vaginal Moisturiser

Just as you moisturise your face and body, moisturising our vulva and vagina keeps the tissues flexible, hydrated and free from irritation, all of which helps to make any penetrative sex more pleasurable and cervical screening test more comfortable. Having an intimate regime is important to keep your vulva and vagina happy and healthy. YES Vaginal Moisturiser is a long-lasting vaginal moisturising gel, pH balanced to restore and maintain vaginal health. Bio-adhesive, releasing moisture when needed. Non-irritating natural and organic ingredients. YESVM is not a sexual lubricant, it is designed to be used every 3-4 days internally and externally as required.

Calexotics Lube Tube.

Many people like to use the YES applicators ; however, you can use our handy Calexotics Lube Tube applicators which allows you to put 5mls of your favourite lubricant or vaginal moisturiser exactly where you need it. Made from skin safe plastic, they come in a pack of two and can be washed in hot soapy water to keep them clean.

Cancer Charity Work

We work with several cancer charities, and you can find out about our cancer charity work here

Sex and Cancer Talks

I frequently give talks to both HCPs who treat and care for patients going through cancer treatments and to people who have had cancer or are living with cancer and share my knowledge and expertise on podcasts

Talks to Healthcare Professionals

I frequently give talks to healthcare professionals to help them open the conversation about enjoying good sexual health and pleasurable sex to their patients. These are our previous talks.

Menopause and Sex

I have written and talked extensively about enjoying sex during and post menopause. I featured on Sex, Myths and the Menopause with Davina McCall on Channel 4. You can find out about all the talks I have given and the menopause experts and support groups we work with and the events I have attended here.

Enjoying Sex whatever your age

Having many older customers in their 70s, 80s and 90s who enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure I was invited to join an online panel with Adam Lewis, founder of Hot Octopuss, Dr Louise Newson, GP and Menopause specialist at Newson Health and Jackie Marshall-Cyrus, moderator and Ageing Innovation Strategist on the Healthy Ageing and Sex panel at the Longevity Congress in April 2020 to discuss the benefits of sex as we get older, dispelling societal myths about sex and ageing, attitudes of healthcare professionals towards their older patients who wish to continue enjoying great sex, sex toy retailers who claim to be inclusive by being LGBTQ+ yet ignore older people and those with disabilities and how, by not including the over 50s in their advertising campaigns, some sexual health brands are missing out on the huge spending capacity this older demographic has.

I joined Times Radio to chat about midlife sex.

Paul and I were invited to talk to Mervyn Eastman on Talk Radio about older people, sexual health, intimacy, pleasure and the role of society in perpetuating myths surrounding older sex.

We believe that sexual health and pleasure go hand in hand and finding ways in which to enjoy sexual intimacy, either using sex toys, lubricants or just changing the way in which you think about sex, is important. Enjoying good sexual health and pleasure benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing whatever your age, gender, sexual orientation, health condition or disability.

The health brochure is available free of charge to healthcare professionals in the UK to give to their patients, and for anyone who would like a copy, or copies for an event, health talk, menopause café or chat, etc. Please email or call to request a brochure.

If you are a HCP, please email or phone for discount codes and health brochures with your contact details.

I am more than happy to talk to you or your patients on the phone if you have any questions. All information remains confidential.

Samantha Evans
01892 888284
@samtalkssex Instagram and Twitter

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Squeezy app is a really useful little app you can download to prompt you to do those pelvic floor exercises. Designed by womens health physiotherapist Myra Robson it can help women with their pelvic floor muscle exercises as part of a physiotherapy programme.