Jo Divine's Secret Diary

Culinary explorations
  • Jo Divine
Culinary explorations

On a culinary weekend away, it was more than just the heat from the kitchen that was getting Jo hot under the collar.

Steamy showers
  • Jo Divine
Steamy showers

Left to her own devices in a city hotel room, things began to get a little steamy for Jo when a mystery guest set her heart racing.

Shooting Stars
  • Jo Divine
Shooting Stars

Mr Divine decided it was time to give Jo the superstar treatment she deserved with a tantalising treat, but would she be impressed by his spontaneity?

Innocent beginnings
  • Jo Divine
Innocent beginnings

Jo's plans for another romantic Valentine's Day seem to have been scuppered! Will Mr Divine be able to salvage any hopes for a night to remember for the better?

Naughty or Nice?
  • Jo Divine
Naughty or Nice?

With the festivities in full swing at Mr Divine's work's party, did anyone notice when he and Jo slipped away for a little celebration of their own?

Taking Control
  • Jo Divine
Taking Control

Jo unleashed her dominant side to give Mr Divine a night he'd never forget...

Trick or treat
  • Jo Divine
Trick or treat

Celebrating Halloween has always been a tradition for Jo, but this year Mr Divine has a surprise up his sleeve. Will it be a trick or treat?

Slave to the rhythm
  • Jo Divine
Slave to the rhythm

Jo was swept off of her feet when she took the Siri v2 for a spin!

Stolen Moments
  • Jo Divine
Stolen Moments

Jo let her mind wander as she entered a world of pure fantasy. Stolen moments of bliss are part of life's luxuries!

A meeting with the Big Boss
  • Jo Divine
A meeting with the Big Boss

Jo found a new, exciting way to while away the hours when she was home alone: The Big Boss G5 proved to be quite the companion...

Cooling Off
  • Jo Divine
Cooling Off

Jo was struggling to sleep in the heat, but luckily Mr Divine had a plan to help her cool off

Jo's Bathtime Sex
  • Jo Divine
Jo's Bathtime Sex

Mr Divine knows just what to do to cheer up Jo when she is in a bad mood!

My BDSM night away
  • Jo Divine
My BDSM night away

Jo enjoys a fantastic night of indulgent, kinky sex with Mr Divine, who surprises her with a new sex toy she loves!

My Easter Indulgences
  • Jo Divine
My Easter Indulgences

Jo discovers that sex and chocolate go nicely together!

Spring Rabbits
  • Jo Divine
Spring Rabbits

Spring is finally on its way and Jo is thinking about rabbits, not the fluffy kind but the buzzy kind!

Enjoying Mother's Day My Way!
  • Jo Divine
Enjoying Mother's Day My Way!

Jo describes how she plans to spend this Mother's Day in her own special way!