The Benefits of Early Morning Sex

The Benefits of Early Morning Sex

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The sound of your alarm clock going off in the morning must be one of the most unwelcome sounds in the world – unless it is your wake up call for early morning sex!

Most of us are too busy getting ready for the day as quickly as possible to even consider indulging in a bit of early morning sex, but several minutes of morning sex can keep you looking and feeling younger and improve your mood for the rest of the day.

Whether it is convenience or instinct to engage in sexual activity towards the evening hours, early morning is the best time to have sex. Men accumulate testosterone as they sleep and from the time they wake up, they have a three hour window when they are brimming with testosterone. That early morning erection is not called “morning wood” or “morning glory” for nothing! Whatever it is called, having an erection on waking up is as good a reason as any to initiate a little morning sex.

Why do it?

Having early morning sex can kick start your day. If one partner wakes up happy and the other grumpy, it can be emotionally challenging to connect but by being physical with each other you can connect emotionally too. It can leave you feeling lively and full of energy. You also tend to be more mentally alert and active. After a nights sleep that lasts for 8 hours, a great lovemaking session alerts your brain nerves and wakes them up.

It doesn’t even have to last long. Quickie sex is a great way to get you ready for the day ahead.

If you have children, early morning is the best time to have sex as this is the deepest phase of a child’s sleep and there is less chance of any embarrassing interruptions.

Bad breath, body odour and drowsiness may not be the best way to get you or your partner in the mood but recent research has suggested that the benefits of morning sex outweigh the cons. Adults who start their day with sex are more likely to be happier and healthier than those who start their day with a cup of coffee and breakfast.

Research at Oregon State University’s College of Business (2017) found that maintaining a healthy sex life at home boosts employees’ job satisfaction and engagement at work.

Associate Professor Keith Leavitt and colleagues studied the work and sex habits of 159 married employees over the course of 2 weeks and found those who prioritized sex at home gave themselves a next day advantage in the workplace, where they were more engaged in what they were doing and enjoyed it more too.

Leavitt, an expert in organisational behaviour and management says,

“Maintaining a healthy relationship that includes a healthy sex life will help employees stay happy and engaged in their work, benefiting both the employees and the organisation they work for”.

The positive effect was found to linger for at least 24 hours and was equally strong in both sexes even when factors such as marital satisfaction and sleep quality were taken into consideration.

Early morning sex has many health benefits too!

The production of Immunglobulin A(IgA), an antibody that protects us from infection is increased during morning sex. During sexual intercourse, the production of IgA occurs in the mucosal lining of the female genital tract which provides a barrier to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

Researchers have found that having sex once or twice a week can boost your immunity. People who had frequent sexual activity had a 30% increase in IgA compared with those who had more infrequent sex. Regular morning sexual activity keeps your antibody levels high to protect your body from any infections.

Morning sex can improve your mood because the release of serotonin during sexual activity. Having an orgasm during sex is a natural way to boost the release of serotonin which improves mood.

Having an orgasm during morning sex releases chemicals which can increase oestrogen levels in the body, which in turn, can help the tone and texture of your skin and even hair. The circulation of blood within your body is improved during sex, enabling greater oxygenation of your skin, thus providing a natural glow to your face and that I’ve just had sex look on your face!

Researchers at Belfast University studied 1000 middle aged men over a 10 year period and found that a man can reduce his risk of having a heart attack or stroke by 50% if he has sex 2-3 times weekly.

Regular sexual activity has been found to reduce blood pressure. Another study found that morning sex can alleviate the symptoms of migraine and reduce arthritic pain and inflammation. Research from Nottingham University found that men who had regular sex in their 50’s reduced their risk of developing prostate cancer.

So be prepared…

  • Gently wake your partner by using soft and slow moves and let this approach wake up him/her in a positive, loving way that will make it more likely you will both have pleasurable morning sex.
  • Try using a sex toy such as a vibrator on their body, gently gliding it over their breast, nipples, between their legs or over the tip of the penis. Massage YES organic lubricant on the intimate areas of their body to get their sexual juices flowing.
  • Be aware of the time and maybe set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier to avoid your partner worrying about the time.
  • Try to brush your teeth before your morning sex, if not, suck on a breath mint.
  • Start your day with a smile and keep it.

Having early morning sex will set you up for the day to face whatever it may throw at you. It will send your hormones pumping around your body and give you that feel good factor to last throughout the day. And you never know, there may be a repeat performance that evening when you get home!

So set that alarm clock 10 minutes earlier tomorrow and benefit from having wonderful health-giving morning sex!