Why Buy An Organic Lubricant?

Why Buy An Organic Lubricant?

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As a sex toy company, we know that wetter is better and how using a good sexual lubricant can change your sex life and sexual pleasure, but does it really matter what you use? After all, if it is slippery, it will do the job and “aren’t all lubricants the same” (as I was told by one gynaecologist!

We are passionate about your intimate health, which is why, when choosing a sexual lubricant, it is important to consider what it is made from before you put it inside your vagina, anus or on your vulva or penis.

Many people understand the need to use a lubricant for anal sex because the anus is not self lubricating but the myth still pervades that anyone with a vulva and vagina becomes instantly wet the moment they are touched and using a sexual lubricant is seen as being a failure which could not be further from the truth.

Many people are careful about what they eat and what beauty products they use on their face, hair and body, but few think about what their sexual lubricant contains or even if it designed as a sexual lubricant, even though it will be used on one of the most sensitive and highly absorbent area of their body.

The vagina is often referred to being a “well-oiled engine”, as it is a self-lubricating organ. The vagina also has a very delicate pH balance, so introducing ingredients found in many commercially available sexual lubricants and products people use as a lubricant substitute can actually do more harm than good. Products not designed as a sexual lubricant but in our kitchen / bathroom cupboards should be avoided too.

Often the products people use for anal play can cause anal itching and soreness, so it is important to use a skin – safe product like SUTIL Rich long-lasting water-based lubricant made from botanical and organic ingredients, condom compatible and thicker in formulation for longer lasting pleasure.

The vast majority of lubricants are manufactured with artificial ingredients and substances that can potentially cause irritation and infection, and some do not even list the ingredients on the packaging, or use different descriptions, so you have no idea what it contains. My advice is to google any ingredient you do not know, you’ll probably find it is an irritating ingredient. Brands do this to conceal the ingredients.

Your vagina and clitoris are both highly absorbent, so it is advisable to avoid using products that contain substances which can cause irritation or an allergic reaction, just as you would with cosmetics and hygiene products. Some sexual lubricants available on prescription and frequently prescribed and recommended by GPs, gynaecologists and oncologists contain glycerin, glycols and parabens, alcohol, dyes and perfumes.

To ensure you don’t experience any adverse reaction to your lubricant, always choose a pH balanced lubricant. It is recommended that you avoid ingredients such as parabens, petroleum-based ingredients (found in petroleum jelly), glycerin and glucose (often found in flavoured lubricants), as these can promote yeast infections and leave your vagina feeling itchy, sore and uncomfortable.

It is advisable to avoid coloured and flavoured lubricants. Lubricants, designed to make you tingle or warm up your vagina, contain menthol and chilli, substances that are not recommended for use on your genitals. Some lubes contain sorbitol which can cause thrush.

Some lubricants can be difficult to wash off and leave behind a sticky feeling, which is neither pleasant nor sexy. Others can stain your bedsheets and underwear.


Both YES water based and SUTIL Luxe are pH balanced to that of the vagina, which is 3.8-4.5 SUTIL Rich has a pH of 6, however many people with a vagina use it for sex play and to moisturise their vulva and vagina with. Being a thicker formulation, it is great for anal play. YES oil based does not have a pH as it is made from plant oils. Many people with a vagina prefer using an oil-based lubricant, but it, like any oil-based products, is incompatible with latex condoms.

Many couples use saliva as their lubricant, but it is more watery than slippery and dries out quickly. Just because some products are slippery does not mean they are suitable to use including Vaseline:, olive oil, Baby Oil, Bio Oil, hand cream or body lotion as they are not designed for internal use. Keep your cooking oils for your salad.

Why should I choose organic ingredients?

By choosing organic lubricants, you can avoid allergic reactions and vaginal sensitivity. Skin safe, odorless and tasteless, organic lubricants provide you with the right amount of lubrication with minimal risk or mess. What’s more, they are quite possibly the closest thing you will find to the body’s natural lubricant, ensuring silky-smooth and pleasurable play.

Which brand would you recommend?

Here at Jo Divine we sell SUTIL Luxe and Rich, long-lasting water-based lubricants which can both used as vaginal moisturisers too.

We also sell YES lubricants, available in either water-based or oil-based versions. Please note, however, that oil-based lubricants are not suitable for use with condoms as they cause latex to deteriorate.
h2. Wetter is Better, whatever your age!

Whether you are a young person just starting on your sexual journey or an older person enjoying great sex, using a good sexual lubricant can make sex feel even more pleasurable so invest in your intimate health and enjoy great sex, whoever you are, whatever you age, gender, sexual orientation, health condition or disability.

Written By : Lauren Moore