Sex Tips

DIY Sex Toys Can Damage Your Sex Life
  • Samantha Evans
DIY Sex Toys Can Damage Your Sex Life

You might think that DIY sex toys are a great idea and cheap way to enjoy sexual pleasure but some can damage your sex life and may even land you in A&E!

Want Better Sex? Use Lube!
  • Samantha Evans
Want Better Sex? Use Lube!

The simplest way to enjoy better sex is to use lube. It enhances sexual intimacy, making sex feel more pleasurable and last longer too.

Have Yourself a Very Sexy Christmas
  • Samantha Evans
Have Yourself a Very Sexy Christmas

Have Yourself a very Sexy Christmas. From creating your own naughty advent calendar, taking wintery walks, sipping steaming hot mugs of cocoa, wearing sensual underwear, having quickie sex, snuggling on the sofa or simply indulging in solo pleasure, make sure you have plenty of festive fun and sexual pleasure.

How To Have The Sex You Really Want
  • Megan Barnett
How To Have The Sex You Really Want

It’s time to take control of your sex life and start having better sex! Keeping quiet about your secret sexual desires will not help so start talkign to your partner to have the sex you really want.

Exercise is great for your sex life
  • Samantha Evans
Exercise is great for your sex life

We all know that exercise has great benefits to our health, but did you know that it could boost your sexual function and pleasure too? We take a look at the best exercises to boost your sexual health.

Winter Loving
  • Samantha Evans
Winter Loving

You may believe that spring is the mating season but when it comes to men, they are more frisky in the winter!

Want a better night's sleep? Have sex!
  • Samantha Evans
Want a better night's sleep? Have sex!

There is better and healthier ways to enjoy a good night's sleep than popping a pill - have more sex and more orgasms!

Losing weight can boost your sex life
  • Samantha Evans
Losing weight can boost your sex life

One simple way to boost your sex life is to lose weight. Many people discover that they enjoy better sexual intimacy, pleasure and body confidence by shedding a few kilos.

University Sex Survival Kit - Tips for Freshers
  • Megan Barnett
University Sex Survival Kit - Tips for Freshers

Many students have their first sexual encounter at university so ensure you protect your sexual health and pleasure by reading our University Sex Survival Kit

Enjoy Great Holiday Sex
  • Samantha Evans
Enjoy Great Holiday Sex

The thought of spending time away from the office, work or the school run means that we all look forward to our holidays with great anticipation but having great sex on holiday can sometimes seem too much to ask for, even though being away from the normal humdrum routine of daily life means you should have more time to spend together and get intimate.

Where is the P-Spot?
  • Megan Barnett
Where is the P-Spot?

The often elusive G-Spot is regularly debated and discussed, but is there a male equivalent? We take a closer look at the male P-Spot.

Having A Great Sex Life Can Boost Your Job Satisfaction and Productivity
  • Samantha Evans
Having A Great Sex Life Can Boost Your Job Satisfaction and Productivity

Enjoying a good sex life can increase your job satisfaction and productivity, as well as putting a spring in your step and boost your self esteem too.

Spring Clean Your Sex Life
  • Megan Barnett
Spring Clean Your Sex Life

Sometimes life gets in the way and our sex lives take a back seat, so here are our tips on giving your sex life a spring clean!

The Benefits of Early Morning Sex
  • Samantha Evans
The Benefits of Early Morning Sex

The sound of your alarm clock going off in the morning must be one of the most unwelcome sounds in the world - unless it is your wake up call for early morning sex!

The Art of Flirting
  • Samantha Evans
The Art of Flirting

We all enjoy flirting, so when we're in a long-term relationship, why stop? Rediscover the art of flirting with your partner...

What will you be getting for Valentine's Day this year?
  • Samantha Evans
What will you be getting for Valentine's Day this year?

According worldpay in 2016, the average spend for Valentine's Day is £40 by men and £24 by women but if you are lucky enough to live in the North, generous couples in Preston splash out £53 on average.