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Samantha Evans

Samantha Evans

Samantha Evans co-founded Jo Divine, an online sex toy company, with her husband Paul in 2007. Having a professional background in nursing, she is a features writer for Jo Divine and is passionate about only promoting skin safe sex toys and sexual lubricants.

Being married for 20 years she understands the effects that motherhood and the menopause can have upon relationships and sexual intimacy and as a mum of three teenagers she is aware of the varied quality and often poor standard of sex education in schools in the UK.

Sexual Pleasure

Having an extensive knowledge about sex toys, Samantha enjoys creating informative articles about sexual health and pleasure which endeavour to normalise sex and help people to talk about it.

Samantha is always looking at ways in which both men and women can take control of their sexual health to increase their sexual pleasure and general well being. Whoever you are, she believes that it is always possible to find ways in which to enjoy sex by being imaginative, adventurous and making it fun.

Being 50 and menopausal Samantha works hard to ensure all women going through the menopause enjoy good sexual intimacy and pleasure and don’t give up on their sex lives when there are many sex positive ways they can continue enjoying sexual pleasure.

Written work

Samantha writes regular features for leading websites, such as So Feminine, Good Housekeeping, Healthista, Glamour and Net Doctor. Her articles are regularly featured in national newspapers, including The Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Daily Express, The Sun and Metro.

She has also written for Huff Post, Henpicked, The Talented Ladies Club, the RealMotherHood, and the Good Sex blog.

Radio work

Samantha spoke on LBC radio about the importance of foreplay and the benefits of masturbation in the workplace. She also talked about taking your sex toys on holiday.

She also spoke to Radio Gorgeous about enjoying sex as you get older, what she has done to improve her own sex life in her late 40’s and how using skin safe sex toys and sexual lubricants can protect your sexual health and pleasure.

Samantha spoke to Emma Barnett at BBC5Live about how many older people enjoy using sex toys, including those living in residential and nursing homes.

Health Radio invited Samantha to talk about the benefits of using sex toys to improve your sexual health and pleasure by incoporating sex toys into your sex play and relationships. She discussed how her work with many healthcare professionals across the UK helps them advise their patients about ways in which to enjoy better sexual intimacy and pleasure.

Sex Talks

She has given talks to Killing Kittens BooKKlub and Skirt Club to make both women and men aware of how you can enhance your sexual pleasure by incorporating sex toys and lubricants into your sex play. She is collaborating with her husband and co founder Paul to give couples talks for Killing Kittens Bookklub and with Colin Richards, founder of Intimacy Matters

She gave a talk at Simply Oloni’s Laid Bare Live event about sex toys in May. Simply Oloni was voted Cosmo Sex Blogger of the Year in 2015. The second of Oloni’s Laid Bare Live events, it offered all aspects of sex and sexuality, opening up the conversation about all things sexual to enhance your sexual intimacy and pleasure. It was great to have such an appreciative audience of fabulous women who all love sex!

Jo Divine are collaborating with Colin Richards, Expert Sensual Masseur and Sex & Relationship Mentor and founder of Intimacy Matters through talks and events.

Colin’s aim is to “teach people how to achieve better physiological and emotional sexual fulfilment and his extensive expertise and knowledge allows him to create practical workshops for both men, women and couples and one to one sessions.

Many people just talk about intimate touch when practical advice is much more helpful. Colin teaches people the skills and massage techniques to explore the power of intimate touch which will increase your sexual pleasure and intimacy and strengthen your relationship too.

Sexual Health

As a former nurse Samantha is well aware of how healthcare professionals struggle to talk to their patients about sexual issues and patients are very reluctant to discuss intimate problems with their doctor. To help healthcare professionals, she has written extensively about sexual health issues, offering practical advice and recommending suitable products and other trained professionals who can help.

She is passionate about people getting the most appropriate advice and treatment from healthcare professionals too.

Working with a consultant uro/gynaecologist and a women’s health physiotherapist at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, Samantha has created the Jo Divine Health Brochure containing suitable products for their patients with gynaecological conditions, such as vaginal tightness, post operative scarring and menopausal symptoms to help alleviate some of the symptoms.

The health brochure is being given out across the UK by many healthcare professionals including at the Pelvic Health Summit 2016, COSRT conference 2016 and at the Edinburgh Fringe by Gussie Grips aka Elaine Miller, a womens health physiotherapist who talks about “pelvic floors and pish” as well as menopause support groups, menopause sepcialists and GPs, sex therapists and clinical nurse specialists across the UK.

Samantha was asked to speak at the Family Planning Association (FPA) Launch event for Sexual Health Week. The campaign for 2017 is Let’s Talk about Porn. As a parent of three teenagers Samantha talked about why it is important for parents to talk about porn with our children to ensure they understand sex should be happy, healthy, pleasurable and concensual and that porn is just “acted sex”, not “real sex”. The FPA are campaigning for inclusive, comprehensive sex education in the UK.

She was also involved in the sexual health charity FPA when they published guidance to support parents to respond to the government’s consultation in January 2018.

She and her 18 year old daughter recently filmed a video for UNESCO about inclusive comprehensive sex education

Sex talks to Healthcare professionals

As a result of creating the health brochure she spoke at the National Forum of Gynaecology/Oncology Nurses Survivorship Conference in October 2015 and to the South Coast of England Womens Health Forum and has been invited to speak again in 2018.

She also spoke to the South Coast of England Women’s Health physiotherapist forum at Tunbridge Wells Hopsital and has been invited to speak at the SWIST WH physiotherapists monthly meeting about suitable sex toys.

She gave a talk at the Mummy MOT Training course for women’s health physiotherapists in February 2016.

She has given talks to gynaecologists, obstetricians and womens health physiotherapists at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, the London Bridge Clinic and at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Samantha gave a talk to healthcare professionals at the Genital Pain and Dermatology clinic at St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey in March 2018

She also gave a talk at the Daisy Network Conference in June 2017 about sexual intimacy and pleasure. This is a amazing charity supporting women who have Premature Ovarian Insufficiency, often younger women which leads to early menopause, the symptoms of which impact upon sexual pleasure and function, relationships and body confidence. She has been invited to show suitable products again at the Daisy Day in May 2018.

She has also written for Chris’ Cancer Community and Womb Cancer Support. Chris and Samantha created a video about Sex and Cancer and Samantha also created a video about womb cancer and sex.

She is also collaborating with Diane Danzebrink who set up Menopause Support, Dr Louise Newson a GP who specialises in the menopause and Jane Dowling, who set up MenoandMe and is a clinical fitness instructor to run workshops for women going through the menopause, offering practical advice to help them prevent or overcome any symptoms they may experience.

Her personal story has recently been published in a book about the Menopause by Henpicked and also featured on their website too.

Samantha is also a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Womens Voices Involvement panel and a member of the Vaginal Atrophy Facebook Group.

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